Why You Should Keep Calm and Color on with Colourly

Why You Should Keep Calm and Color on with Colourly

Ways to reach a state of calmness with Colourly's adult coloring books. 

We know there are options abound for adult coloring books. In fact, a plethora of choices will keep you browsing for hours, yet still not find a decent coloring book to invest your time in. 

What if we did all that work for you: remove stress, present quality options and through your purchase, you can already feel the calming effects? Go ahead and enjoy that cuppa?




1. Our mission is to de-stress the world through coloring. 

That means we can't have you stress out over finding the right book, or be disappointed when your book arrives. We do all the stressing out for you: by researching the irks and perks that make an adult coloring book spectacular. So you spend less time worrying, more time relaxing. Calm Coloring knows what we're talkin' about.

2. We diligently comb the world wide web.

We flip through pages of catalogues, dig deep within blogs and keep on researching until we have about 30 tabs open. We prioritize thoroughness because it's worth finding that golden nugget of a deeply satisfying adult coloring book!

3. We know feeling good only gets better when it's shared.

 By purchasing from Colourly, you choose to spread the calm: we donate 1% of book sales to the Foundation for Art & Healing. We support organizations that promote mental health through creative engagement because it's so important raise awareness, especially during this trying time. The entire process is 100% stress-free and feel-good.

4. We want to build a community of colorists. 

While there may be plenty of books out there, where are the colorists? We're starting a new kind of book club, dedicated not only to coloring but mindfulness too. A collective of calm creatives. If any of this sounds interesting to you, we want to meet you! Introduce yourself here and subscribe to our newsletters to stay in the know.

How's your experience with Colourly been thus far? We'd love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and feedback, from the website to our books. Let us know below or in this survey, where we've tucked a code for 10% off at the end to thank you for your time.

Color well,

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