The #1 Mindfulness Trend in 2020: Adult Coloring Books

The #1 Mindfulness Trend in 2020: Adult Coloring Books

Reduce stress and cultivate mindfulness through coloring. 

Are you an avid colorist, seasoned artist or newbie just about to dip your toes in? Whichever level or whatever you'll want to identify as, read on to catch the latest self-care trend millennials are getting addicted to these days.


Are adult coloring books a thing? Really?

Yes, really. Actually, they've been around since the 17th century as anatomical coloring books for studying purposes. They were used for artistic training for adults, with little emphasis on creativity. 2015 was when coloring books went from a niche hobby to a full-on trend, primarily among women (71%) in the 18–29 age group. It's since become a verified alternative to meditation, guaranteed to reduce stress by researchers at John Hopkins University and the editors at Yoga Journal. Today, Colourly aims to integrate coloring into the larger mindfulness movement. 

But are adult coloring books still trendy now? Who buys them?

You'd be surprised at who doesn't have one. To some folks, it's a real hobby filling hundreds of hours with zen-like stress relief. To others, it's a guilty pleasure. But there's no secret or shame in coloring - this stigma does not exist! We know because the numbers don't lie: everyone and their aunt or cousin has either received or gifted an adult coloring book (plus colored pencils).

Why should I try this out? There are so many other ways to relax and cultivate mindful practices.

Of course, take up yoga or meditation, the options are endless (we know because we share these tips in our newsletters, sign up!). We only suggest that you give it a try.

To the constantly plugged-in generation: quit believing taking a "break" is switching from the computer screen to your iPhone or Android. If you catch yourself doing this or bear witness to another tech-addict, place one of our coloring books in front of them. Try it and see a new, healthier hobby surface.

Color well,


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