We're Colourly.

We believe a less-stressed out world is a better world. That everyone - no matter who - can find a creative outlet for a relaxed state of mind. And getting there should be 100% stress-free. So we combed the world for superior quality, brilliant designs you'll want to dive into. Thoughtfully curated coloring books to get lost in, shipped from the US. And for choosing Colourly, we give back to organizations that support mental health awareness through art.

Coloring brings calmness.

✓ Coloring is proven to redirect the parts of our brain involved with worrying to instead focus on the activity of filling inside (or outside) the lines.

✓ Think of it as a hassle-free, relaxation technique allowing stress to flow right out in the form of different colors or intensity.

✓ Put simply, coloring brings comfort and peace, temporarily relieving us from daily pressures while immersing ourselves in the joy of creating art.

    (づ◡‿◡ )づ 

    When you purchase from Colourly, you choose to spread the calm. 

    Shop our adult coloring books and we'll donate 1% of book sales to the Foundation for Art & Healing.

    Learn more about the organization and how you can take part here.


    Colourly Adult Coloring Books for Mindfulness

    We stress the little details.

    So you don't have to. We research the irks and perks that make a coloring book spectacular or just 'ok'. Excellent quality paper. Worthwhile designs to invest in. Guaranteed stress-relief. You name it, we curate.
    The best materials — no office depot printer paper. There's nothing worst than flimsy, icky paper that bleeds-through.
    Brilliant designs — for newbie colorers to the most advanced artists. Whichever level, we choose illustrations that bring meditative bliss and delight. 

    Shipped from the US — our $5.00 flat rate shipping delivers your package anywhere in the US in 3 to 5 days. We also ship internationally to the UK for $8.95 standard shipping.

    Colourly collaborations.

    Brands and influencers: we'd love to partner with mindful brands that focus on self-care, wellness and unleashing creativity, calmly. At Colourly, we're always looking to enhance the colouring experience and finding new, inclusive ways to reach a state of calm joy. If you're an influencer or brand that aligns with these values, fill out this form and we'll be in touch.

    Colourly creative hour. 

    Corporate and private events: treat your employees, clients, collaborators or friends to a mindful hour of coloring, creating and sparking calm joy. We offer creative workshops within a calm and supportive environment. Our Creative Hour is proven to boost employee engagement and wellbeing, team bonding, client appreciation and product launches. Fill out this form so we can understand your needs and goals.