Colourly cares.

Colourly was born rooted in caring. Put simply, we believe in mindfulness through art. But not in an isolated or lonely occasion. We believe in organizations dedicated to integrating creativity and healing into the fabric of the community. To that end, we've chosen to support The Foundation for Art and Healing.


Bridging art and medicine. 

Foundation for Art and Healing Colouring Adult Coloring Book "The mission of FAH is to benefit people’s lives by bridging science and the arts: to explore the relationship between health and creative expression through rigorous scientific research; to empower individuals, communities and vulnerable populations coping with challenging conditions like trauma and chronic illness, through direct and innovative programs and tools; and to engage, inform and inspire these populations and the ever-growing arts and healing community."

How it works:

→ Shop our adult coloring books and we'll donate 1% of book sales to FAH.
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    Why it matters: 

    ✓ Creative engagements positively impact emotions, attitudes and beliefs, contributing to greater health and wellness.
    ✓ Art bridges differences, connecting individuals through shared creative experiences and thus, healing communities.
    ✓ More scientific research and effort is needed to broaden awareness in the power of art to connect and ultimately, to heal. 


    Feel lighter together.

    Join the mindfulness movement. Here we share additional organizations that will benefit from your support, as well as various resources to anyone who may need them. Share, take care and suggest other causes to
    First Responders Children's Foundation: Donate to first responders' families enduring financial hardship as they stand on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic.
    Police Brutality Resources: A comprehensive national resource and education tool for dismantling injustices, providing access to safety and legal information and supporting re-education and policy change.


    Colourly meets [your company].

    Colourly aims to work with companies, nonprofits and organizations dedicated to supporting mental health and well-being through art. We are in the process of setting up our infrastructure to process adult coloring book fulfillment with ample care to our future partners. If you’re interested in distributing Colourly donation books and supplies in the future, please keep an eye out on this page or subscribe for updates. We hope to meet you soon and in the meantime, many thanks for all the invaluable work you do for your community.

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