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☟ Adult Coloring Books

Are adult coloring books a thing? Really?

Yes, really. Actually, they've been around since the 17th century as anatomical coloring books for studying purposes. They were used for artistic training for adults, with little emphasis on creativity. 2015 was when coloring books went from a niche hobby to a full-on trend, primarily among women (71%) in the 18–29 age group. It's since become a verified alternative to meditation, guaranteed to reduce stress by researchers at John Hopkins University and the editors at Yoga Journal. Today, Colourly aims to expand the wellness benefits of coloring into the larger mindful movement. 

But are they still trendy now? Who buys them?

You'd be surprised at who doesn't have one. To some folks, it's a real hobby filling hundreds of hours with zen-like stress relief. To others, it's a guilty pleasure. But there's no secret or shame in coloring - this stigma does not exist! We know because the numbers don't lie: everyone and their aunt or cousin has either received or gifted an adult coloring book (plus colored pencils).

Why should I try this out? There are so many other ways to relax.

Of course, take up yoga or meditation, the options are endless (we know because we share these tips in our newsletters, sign up!). We only suggest that you give it a try.

To the constantly plugged-in generation: quit believing taking a "break" is switching from the computer screen to your iPhone or Android. If you catch yourself doing this or bear witness to another tech-addict, place one of our coloring books in front of them. Try it and see a new, healthier hobby surface.

Why should I buy my coloring books from Colourly?

Our mission is to de-stress the world through coloring. That means we can't have you stress out over finding the right book, or be disappointed when your book arrives. We do all the hard work for you: by researching the irks and perks that make a coloring book spectacular. So you spend less time worrying, more time coloring and relaxing. 

Plus, we know feeling good only gets better when it's shared. By purchasing from Colourly, you choose to spread the calm: we donate 5% of orders of 2 or more to organizations dedicated to integrating creativity and healing into the fabric of the community. Read more about how you can support here.

How do you find your coloring books?

We comb the world wide web, flip through pages of catalogues, dig deep within blogs and keep on researching until we have about 30 tabs open. We prioritize our thoroughness because it's worth finding that golden nugget of a deeply satisfying adult coloring book!

I want to buy a coloring book for someone. Are these books gender-neutral?

Yes, the act of coloring is gender neutral! Whatever you choose to color is always gender neutral. We've had several male colorists favor Birdtopia, while a number of girlfriends nabbed Color Me Drunk. Gone are the days where boys can't play with Barbie or girls' toys can't be blue. You do you.


☟ Colored Pencils

How do I know which coloring tools to use?

Great question. For all the coloring books in our shop, you will always be able to default to colored pencils or if your inner child is beckoning, crayons are absolutely suitable. Most often, watercolored pencils will also be ok. The grey area is when you reach for gel pens or markers. To be on the safe side if you must use something wet and heavy, test a small patch on the back of your book or place a sheet behind a page to avoid bleed-throughs. Otherwise, save those tools for another art project. 

Additionally, sign up for our newsletters where we'll share coloring tips and tricks, including top-rated tools to use. 

How does Colourly choose its colored pencils?

We choose our colored pencil sets on the same principles we do for the adult coloring books, so high quality products only! On the bonus side, we make sure ours have a bit of flair to it. They're sets you'd find at the MET museum, the MoMa or a gallery's gift shop in Chelsea, Manhattan. We've curated the pencils to not only work well, they look good too.


☟ Shipping

Where do my books ship from and how long do they take to arrive?

Our warehouses are all based in the US. We offer a $5.00 flat rate for ground shipping to deliver your package straight to your front door in 3 to 5 days. Ground shipping actually costs $6.00 per parcel, but we automatically trim $1 to our customers just 'cuz!

Do you ship internationally?

We have a number of fans out in the UK so we've started shipping internationally there for a flat rate of $8.95 standard shipping. If you're outside of the US & UK, let us know where we should expand to next in our 60-second survey here. 

How long will it take to hear back on my email?

We try to offer fast and high-quality customer service, and aim to respond within 48 hrs. Our studio is based in New York, so we'll be quicker to respond to inquiries sent within normal business hours (EST).